Monday, June 09, 2008

Grandma's Cheese Pie

Earlier this week my Mom called to tell me I needed to come to Montreal to change the ink cartridge on her printer. A little side fact about my mother. She has a BSc from Sir George Williams from back in the day when women rarely had Science degrees and she worked on computers in the '50s when they looked liked this — even before Bill Gates was born! My point is she KNOWS how to change an ink cartridge or she could figure it out, but this is her way of asking me to come visit.

So... I got a late start but I showed up at about 2:00 pm. Mom was just starting to make a batch of Grandma's "famous" cheese pie as I walked in the door. For those that have never tasted Grandma Rose's "famous" cheese pie, it's a crust of corn flakes mixed with brown sugar and a little butter. The inside is dry cottage cheese mixed with egg to bind. Then it's covered with more corn flake stuff. You bake it and serve it warm, topped with some kind of fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc.) and maybe some sour cream... you know... to die for!

My Dad joined us for some afternoon snacks and told me, as he's done so many times before, that it's a good thing I dropped by because Mom doesn't feed him unless I or one of my brothers comes by the house.

Before leaving, I checked the printer... the black ink was about half full and there was still plenty of colour left. I told Mom there was enough for awhile but I would have to come back in a few weeks and check it again.

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zoom said...

That sounds yummy!