Sunday, November 08, 2009

Yours, Mine and Ours

Cookie Girl told me she was looking at the Ottawa Humane Society's blog and saw a couple of lovebirds up for adoption and their names were Robbie and Suzie, just like ours. What do you the think the odds of that are? She said we just HAD to go meet them.

And so we did and you know what, we fell in love with Robbie and Suzie.

So Cookie Girl and I ran to Pet Smart, bought all the things lovebirds need: a cage and toys and different kinds of pellets and seeds and perches, and then we scooted back to the Humane Society before Last Call for Adoptions.

As I looked over the adoption papers, I smiled when I saw listed as the birds' names "Romeo" and "Juliet". Cookie Girl asked me why I was smiling. I said "Nothing" and signed the papers. We are now proud parents of two 11-month old lovebirds.

"You know," I said to Cookie Girl in the car on the way home, "it might be a little corny to call them Robbie and Suzie. Maybe we should think of new names."

"How about Romeo and Juliet?" suggested Cookie Girl with a devilish smile, but we both agreed those were stupid names.

I think we'll go with Billie and Lester (Billie Holiday and Lester Young) unless you can think of something better.