Sunday, November 08, 2009

Yours, Mine and Ours

Cookie Girl told me she was looking at the Ottawa Humane Society's blog and saw a couple of lovebirds up for adoption and their names were Robbie and Suzie, just like ours. What do you the think the odds of that are? She said we just HAD to go meet them.

And so we did and you know what, we fell in love with Robbie and Suzie.

So Cookie Girl and I ran to Pet Smart, bought all the things lovebirds need: a cage and toys and different kinds of pellets and seeds and perches, and then we scooted back to the Humane Society before Last Call for Adoptions.

As I looked over the adoption papers, I smiled when I saw listed as the birds' names "Romeo" and "Juliet". Cookie Girl asked me why I was smiling. I said "Nothing" and signed the papers. We are now proud parents of two 11-month old lovebirds.

"You know," I said to Cookie Girl in the car on the way home, "it might be a little corny to call them Robbie and Suzie. Maybe we should think of new names."

"How about Romeo and Juliet?" suggested Cookie Girl with a devilish smile, but we both agreed those were stupid names.

I think we'll go with Billie and Lester (Billie Holiday and Lester Young) unless you can think of something better.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

The Castlebrook Village Breakfast Club is meeting Saturday morning and has kindly agreed to an early sitting so Cookie Girl and I can get to Wakefield for 10 a.m. I look forward to CV Breakfast Club because firstly I love to go out for breakfast and secondly because it will give us a chance to catch up on all of our summer adventures. Topics will likely include Trip to Wine Country - California, Trip to the Maritimes, New Vehicles, and Discussion of Past and Upcoming Surgeries. Who'd want to miss an agenda like that!

Following breakfast, Cookie Girl and I will zoom up to Wakefield for the Chelsea/Wakefield 2009 Artists in Their Environment Studio Tour. I'm not familiar with very many of the artists on this tour, but CG is pretty excited about it and she hasn't disappointed yet! Last night we bumped into Sue Glazer at the City of Ottawa Art Exhibit. Turns out Sue's jewellery studio is part of the tour.

Then, if that's not enough... it's THE CARP FAIR!

Who could forget the silly mirrors!

For those of you who missed the West End Studio Tour last weekend, you get a second chance. Look for our favourites Garry Bea Joyce and Andrew King.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet and Sour

Nesting Instinct - 2007 - Reid McLachlan

It's Cookie Girl's Son's birthday Thursday and she always makes chicken balls for his birthday dinner. When Son of CG asked if we could do chicken balls Wednesday instead of Thursday, we realized we could now go to the Opening Reception of The Collection's Cabinet at the City Hall Art Gallery. One of my local favourites, Reid McLachlan, will have at least one piece on display.
Happy Birthday Son of CG.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Dragon and the Hospital

On Saturday, I captured a dragon and then spent the night at the hospital, but I really don't have time to talk about it just now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Addition

Fluffy Logan at about 8 weeks old
Logan joined us when my boys were 9 and 10. I don't remember his early days that well anymore. He was a fluffy little thing and as you can well imagine he was an instant hit and was loved by the boys. Logan was the object of someone else's affection though.

My niece Tali was born about 2 weeks before Logan. Tali lives in Montreal and Logan lives in Ottawa, close enough that she could see Logan from time to time but far enough that it was infrequently. Tali's older brother and sister were mildly interested in Logan, but it was Tali who would wrap her arms around Logan like a teddy bear and smother him with kisses each time she saw him.

Tali loves animals in general and at four years old she decided she would grow up to be a veterinarian. It was about that time she also decided she HAD to have a dog of her own. She cried and whined and stomped her feet. My brother and sister-in-law told her she COULD have a dog but only when she was old enough to care for one properly. She cried "when, When, WHEN??". She was told "When you're ten years old!" "That's SO-O-O long", she whimpered.

Meanwhile Tali called my house every couple of weeks to speak to Logan. She would say hi to me but would quickly ask to speak to Logan. I told her I would get him and then I would bark into the phone while she would say, "Hi Logey, I love you, I love you, I LOVE you. I love you SO much that I ADORE you". Then she would blow kisses into the phone. I would get back on the line and ask Tali what she said to Logan because his tail is wagging and he had a big smile. She would then repeat her whole conversation to me.

That went on for a few years. Eventually she "suspected" that I was the voice of Logan, but it was okay, she still enjoyed the charade. She kept asking her parents for a dog and her parents still held firm and told her she had to wait until she was ten. Tali put pictures of Logan all around her room. She read books about dogs and studied the different breeds. Time dragged on!

Tali still loves Logan and still wants to veterinarian. Last week she made a special phone call to wish Logie a Happy Tenth Birthday!

Yesterday Logan and I came to Montreal to meet the newest addition to the family. Here's Tali with her new dog Molly!

Tali and Molly