Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

The Castlebrook Village Breakfast Club is meeting Saturday morning and has kindly agreed to an early sitting so Cookie Girl and I can get to Wakefield for 10 a.m. I look forward to CV Breakfast Club because firstly I love to go out for breakfast and secondly because it will give us a chance to catch up on all of our summer adventures. Topics will likely include Trip to Wine Country - California, Trip to the Maritimes, New Vehicles, and Discussion of Past and Upcoming Surgeries. Who'd want to miss an agenda like that!

Following breakfast, Cookie Girl and I will zoom up to Wakefield for the Chelsea/Wakefield 2009 Artists in Their Environment Studio Tour. I'm not familiar with very many of the artists on this tour, but CG is pretty excited about it and she hasn't disappointed yet! Last night we bumped into Sue Glazer at the City of Ottawa Art Exhibit. Turns out Sue's jewellery studio is part of the tour.

Then, if that's not enough... it's THE CARP FAIR!

Who could forget the silly mirrors!

For those of you who missed the West End Studio Tour last weekend, you get a second chance. Look for our favourites Garry Bea Joyce and Andrew King.


Julia and Peter said...

No more cookies for you! :)

Hannah said...

Darn, I'm sad I missed all these cool art events. Ah well, hopefully next time!