Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Another Night in the Park

Logan-the-Dog here. Skylark has been too preoccupied to blog so I'm filling in until he gets his shit together.

Here's what happened the other night at the park:

  1. I ran in front of Skylark's girlfriend and tripped her. She fell and I was free!
  2. Skylark went to the aid of GF and I ran to the duckpond. Nothing to eat there.
  3. Skylark called me to come back so I came very close to him and then ran away again. Ha!
  4. GF called me to come back so I did because she gives me treats sometimes.
  5. Chased a porcupine up a tree but Skylark wouldn't let me get him because he knows the trouble that could cause.
  6. Put a frog in my mouth but it tickled so I spit it out and barked at it. He went away.
  7. Skylark and GF put me in the house and then they went to get ice cream. I sat by the bay window and barked at squirrels.
  8. Skylark and GF came home. Skylark rubbed my belly and GF gave me TWO cookies.

The End


xup said...

If I were you, I'd try not to trip and torment a GF who brought me 2 cookies. Gotta use your noggin, Logan. And speaking of Skylark, why don't you give him a little nuzzle up the backside to get him blogging more often??

Woodsy said...

I second XUPs idea, Logan. Give that Skylark a little nose poke on the tush to get him motivated. Sending you virtual belly rubs!
Oh, great post by the way - I laughed and let out a good snort...

Oma said...

Logan and Kenya have a lot in common ... especially the tease-your-master feints and parries.

Logan said...

xup & woodsy: Getting skylark to blog seems to be a common theme here. I don't think the nuzzles and little nose pokes are working though. He's enjoying them too much!

oma: Thanks for dropping by to visit and more importantly thanks for feeding skylark last week. I hope next time skylark and GF visit you they'll bring me along to meet Kenya. I know she can teach this old dog some new tricks!