Monday, August 18, 2008

Should Have Stayed Home!

Home sick today and should have stayed home ALL day!

I worked most of the morning at home then took a bit of a nap, then helped Son #1 move his desk and computer to his new apartment.

It's hot out there today, or maybe I have a bit of a fever... I'm dripping.

I got stopped by a policeman on my way downtown, the bastard! I went through the intersection at Laurier and Nicholas just as the light was changing from orange to red and there was a motorcycle cop who was having a bad day and wanted to take it out on someone... ME, the bastard! I didn't argue with him, "Yes sir, I know sir, I'm sorry sir, $#%&^ OFF sir!" I stopped at city hall on my way home and paid the ticket so I don't have to think about it again. Let's just say it cost more than the 2 tickets to the folk festival that fell out of Zoom's pocket the other day.

I wonder if I really have a cold or I just want somebody to feel sorry for me.


Woodsy said...

Did the *&%$#@cop have a tattoo on the back of his leg? I hope that you are feeling better!

XUP said...

Oh you poor, poor thing. There, I feel sorry for you -- does it make you feel any better? I hope it's nothing serious, anyway.

Logan-the-Dog said...

Woof, slurp, slurp, lick, scratch, bow-wow, woof.

skylark said...

Thanks Woodsy, XUP and Logan. Nothing a little TLC and a lick on the face can't cure. The cold is gone and I already spent a whole pile of money on other things so the sting of the traffic ticket is now lost in a long list other transactions and almost forgotten.

B said...

hmmm tickets.. i know the cops all to well last month i was pulled over for passing a garbage truck on a country road.. 17 points 6 tickets later i found myself broke and licenseless...needless to say "points" is taking care of it and doing a damn good job.. p.s. becareful just apying your ticket like that.. sometimes there are hidden points being taken off worth your while to look into it i found out the hard way.

RAINO said...

I think the police must have had a good month as I got pulled over as well ! Poor you.