Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Because I Want to Be Smarter

A new puzzle showed up on page 2 of the Ottawa Citizen a few weeks ago. It's called Ken Ken and is billed as "the logic puzzle that makes you smarter". I decided I wanted to be smarter so I sharpened my pencil and dove right in.

I love this puzzle and I put into the category of puzzles I love, which so far only had one other member... Cross Sums (aka Sum Totals or Kakura).

Puzzles I don't love and are sort of a waste of time but are alright for doing on the bus: Sudoku.


xup said...

I don't like puzzles with numbers and apparantly I suck at games/puzzles with words as well (see Facebook games). Perhaps I should forswear puzzles altogether

skylark said...

Well Xup, we already know how you feel about math but I'm wondering if puzzles with numbers just psych you out. These aren't really about math, they're more about logic. Logic is what you use to take your creative ideas and put them together to form your excellent blog posts. So you'd probably kick ass at these "puzzles". As for word puzzles, apparently you DON'T suck or maybe I just suck more!

Nat said...

Oh god... I love the cross sums. I haven't managed to finish one yet.